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2015 Halloween Candy Buy Back - Thank you!

What a howler! Thanks everyone for attending our 8th annual healthy Halloween after party where families can exchange their excess candy for cash and prizes. The healthy trend continues as we took 2433 lbs of high fructose corn syrup off the street this year. The apple deliveries have become so large in recent years that the Food Bank sends their truck. Thanks Liisa Hawes (The Apple Lady) for selling Dr. Evans the corresponding 2433 lbs of fresh BC Apples for the Food Bank. Congratulations to the winners of the prizes!

Wait a second, you do what with the candy? That's right, we trash it. Why? For the full story on how this event continues to evolve, check out these videos that explain how our spin on this event came to be. Those who like it, like it a lot.

This curious event attracts some media interest each year. This year CBC and CTV did pieces on the event.

Calgary dentist's candy buy back successfulCandy buy-backs and other clever ways to get rid of Halloween candy - Angela Mulholland

Again this year we appreciate our health and family focused partners who help spread the message of the buy back; we salute you for not just WHAT you do, but for WHY you do it.

Advanced Naturopathic Medical Centre - Dr. Melina Roberts NDAmber Approved - Amber RomaniukThe Apple Lady - Liisa Hawes - Fresh BC FruitChirowave Chiropractic - Dr. Jerry SmuszkoDocere Wellness - Dr. Rabia K. Meghji NDElan Family Wellness CentreFamily Fun CalgaryGoldgrass Home - formerly Rivas Eco StoreLight Cellar SuperfoodsNurture Health & Wellness - CrowfootOnce Upon A Child - NW Calgary - VarsityPlanet Organic - Calgary NWRenewal - Homeopathy & Wellness - (formerly Xerion)Sunnyside Natural Market - Kensington

We'll do it all again next year.
We're working on a secret this time; we're actually very close to converting all the candy we collect each year into Ethanol ... for real!
You can do that? Yes, you can.

Of course, the practicality and short term sustainability of a project like this is not the immediate goal. Thinking differently is the goal. Really, what does holistic dentistry, disposing of beloved high fructose corn syrup and sustainable fuels have to do with each other? They all involve a shift in thinking in an effort to address long standing problems.

Evans Dental Health & Wellness is a practice that focuses on systemic wellness, not simply on alleviating acute dental symptoms ... although we do that very well. As such, with systemic wellness as a focus, we feel this healthy Halloween event is consistent with the goal to bring awareness around issues of nutrition, lifestyle and the long standing problem of approaching chronic illness with demonstrably insufficient, acute care tool kits. We are not alone in raising an alarm. These videos clarify the importance of nutrition and introduce leading experts who likewise, are concerned:

Fed Up Movie - Katie Couric 2015sugarcoateddoc.comHungry For Change - DVD

Thoughts, Ideas or Questions? Please call us at 403-286-2622 or 1-800-558-4416.

How it Works

Trick or treaters keep a reasonable amount of candy to keep halloween fun.

Excess candy can be sold to Evans Dental. 1 lb of candy is worth $1 & a draw ticket.

For each 1 lb of candy, 1 lb of apples are donated to the Interfaith Food Bank.


Vitamix Blenders

Light up toothbrushes (every child wins)

iPod touch

Evans Dental Halloween Candy Buy Back
2015 - 8th Annual

2433 lbs of Candy!!

Evans Dental Halloween Candy Buy Back, 2015 - 8th Annual

Evans Dental Halloween Candy Buy Back
2014 - 7th Annual

1986 lbs of Candy!!

Evans Dental Halloween Candy Buy Back, 2014 - 7th Annual

Evans Dental Halloween Candy Buy Back
2013 - 6th Annual

1200 lbs of Candy!!

Evans Dental Halloween Candy Buy Back, 2013 - 6th Annual

Evans Dental Halloween Candy Buy Back
2012 - 5th Annual

900 lbs of Candy!!

Evans Dental Halloween Candy Buy Back, 2012 - 5th Annual