Most kids love the thrill of dressing up and going door to door to trick or treat, but health and allergy conscious parents may worry about what to do with the mountains of candy that their kids collect. After a reasonable amount of sweets, wouldn't it be nice to leave the high fructose corn syrup feed sack behind?  Evans Dental Health & Wellness offers the perfect solution for getting rid of all of those extra shelf life engineered treats with their annual Halloween Candy Buy-Back ... keep all that's fun about Halloween, just scrap the mega marketing sugar download!  On Saturday November 1 from11:30 am to 2:30 pm you’re invited to Evans Dental in NW Calgary to drop off your unwanted, excess candy and participate in a post-Halloween celebration; it’s the healthy Halloween after-party!!  (Wear your costumes!) The event gives your kids one last chance to wear their costumes and the opportunity to earn some cash!  For every pound of candy trick-or-treaters bring in, they’ll receive $1 cash* and one entry into a draw for an ipod! Each child also receives a cool flashing L.E.D. ‘Firefly’ toothbrush. There will also be door prizes again this year from Evans’ health and family focused wellness partners, and you could win a Vitamix, a Breville juicer or a Nutri-Bullet blender. We’ll also be serving up delicious and nutritious Ghoulish Green Smoothies. Dr. Evans will be donating the equivalent weight of candy brought in by trick-or-treaters in crispy fresh apples to the Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank. These delicious Canadian apples aresupplied by The Apple Lady!!

What do we do with all that candy? Good question - We trash it, yup ... watch this:
Why do you trash it? ... The real reason has to do with a lot more than just cavities ... Have you seen this documentary called Fed Up yet?
The fact is, dental health is related to your overall health and sugar is a major inflammatory burden. Halloween is a knock-out punch to your immune system. Have you heard of the Oral Systemic Connection? Watch these fun 'explainer videos'
* - Conditions apply. Individual trick-or-treater's candy only. Available for attendees.
Stop by the office for a handfull of invitation cards you can give out to friends!
Call 403-286-2622 or eMail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.
Here's a recent write up in The Calgary Herald:

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