Evans Dental Health & Wellness Halloween Candy But Back - A Party With A Purpose

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2012 Halloween Candy Buy Back!
We had a great time again this year and look forward to 2013.
Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to the many partners who donated prizes.
Each year, more and more famililes and health conscious businesses discover this fun Halloween after-party.
Check out this video if you're new to the Candy Buy Back:

2012 was our 5th year and it was better than ever! As always, the party results in a huge pile of garbage sugar.
The most frequently asked question is of course: What do you do with all that candy? The answer is we trash it.

See the above video for the full (and fun) explanation.
Essentially, we prefer the candy to start meaningful conversations than to be digested somewhere.

2013 Will be wicked awesome all over again! Let us know what you think?
eMail us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Call: 4032862622

Evans Dental Halloween 2012 LR

vitamixipod custume 1ipod custume 2ipod winner

Benny LRBomb Disposal Robot Costume 2 LRBomb Disposal Robot Costume 1 LR

Candy off the street LR

Charlie LRCityTV Interview LR

CityTV Interview2 LRDr Evans Benny and Charlie LRDont bruise em LR

Early Morning Apple Delivery LRHey No Snacking LRkids swim LRLoading Bay at Food Bank LRLoading Bay at Food Bank3 LRSwim Free Coupons LR

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4 2011 HCBB Collage

LRShowmethemoney3LR 3 Ladies and a Baby

LR 3 with SmoothiesLR AppleLR Brownie

LR Candy DumpLR CatherineLR EgyptianLR Family

LR Family 2LR Firefly Toothbush

LR Firefly Toothbush 2LR Firefly Toothbush 3

LR Green Smoothie DrinkingLR iPods

LR JaniceLR Janice Treats

LR Janice Treats 2LR Janice Treats 3

LR JediLR Jedi 2LR Kids

LR Kids 2LR Knight with SmoothieLR little princess

LR LootLR Mickey and Mr Clean

LR Ninja TurtleLR Peter Pan and Rapunzel

LR PirateLR Red and Baby

LR Show me the moneyLR Show me the money 2

LR Skooby DooLR Superman and Capt America

LR Weighing CandyLR Yoda




Disclaimer: Most Dentists are not of the view that mercury amalgams are harmful to your health.