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Comprehensive Examination

Dr. Evans and the staff at Evans Dental Health & Wellness welcome you. We are dedicated to assisting you to achieve and maintain optimal dental health.  We place particular emphasis on your first visit.  Your comprehensive examination will allow us to properly diagnose oral health and dental problems and recommend the most effective care, specifically for you.

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1. A health history including dental and physical events
2. Complete extra-oral examination of the head and neck
3. Functional evaluation of the TMJ (Jaw Joints)
4. Complete intra-oral examination
5. Soft tissue examination
6. Periodontal examination to detect gum disease or bone loss
7. Oral bacterial sampling to determine the causative agents of gum disease
8. Oral cancer examination as recommended by the Canadian Cancer Society
9. A record of the present condition of each tooth, eg. decay, fillings, crowns, cracks, fractures, etc.
10. Necessary digital x-rays to examine the tooth and bone beneath the gums
11. Intra-oral 35 mm photographs or digital photographs (Many patients are amazed to see their teeth in this fashion!)
Our protocol for helping you regain and maintain optimal health includes nutritional counseling, supplementation and comprehensive detoxification program recommendations. 

 Current medical and dental research shows that the health of your mouth and teeth has a direct effect on your systemic health. Dental health affects everything from heart disease, diabetes, to low birth-weight babies.  Achieving optimum dental health can add years to your life and life to your years.
We have spent more than 30 years practicing without mercury or fluoride and we remain committed to providing dental care without using mercury or fluoride.  As our knowledge grows, our protocol improves to benefit those coming to our clinic for care.  We endeavor to be astride of the most current research and opinion in this field of dentistry.  

Our goal is to help our patients keep their teeth for a lifetime and to enhance their health by providing the least invasive treatment, the safest materials for each individual and excellent dental hygiene information and tools.
We look forward to meeting with you.

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Disclaimer: Most Dentists are not of the view that mercury amalgams or fluoride are harmful to your health.